Why we do this

Themoove advocate great website design and the need of making websites usable, functional and intuitive for their users.

The mission is to make a website design to  “speaks for itself”. It has to be immediately clear — at least to its target audience(s) — what a product does and how to use it. Clarity is the key to functional design.

We help teams to figure out every “Why” behind the actions of their users as they ask them direct questions and updates a monthly habit. Creating a website with user’s expectations, behaviour and needs in mind can increase the user’s satisfaction and the opportunity to bring it back to a website.

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We understand that this website could be much better and we are working on it every day BUT we need your feedback to make it much more useful and helpful. 


As we can suggest, it is too tedious for most people to write down feedback just for “the cause” and actually we have sooo many tasks to do every day. So we value your time and encourage you to point out what frustrates you on the site and take a special gift in return! Just drop us a line and we will contact you by email!