UX Rules

There are tons of information out there but our team believe in some basic concepts:

  • “Make things OBVIOUS! People don’t like to puzzle over how to do things!”
  • “If something requires a large investment of time — or looks like it will — it’s less likely to be used.”
  • “It is better to give users choices rather than make them think what they want to do or search.”
  • “If something is hard to use, people will don’t use it as much.”
  • “Nothing important should be more than two clicks away.”
  • “It doesn’t matter how many times we have to click, as long as each click is a mindless unambiguous choice.”
  • “People don’t figure out how things work – it’s not important for them. If they find something that works, they just stick to it.”
  • “Make people feel smarter and more in control when they’re using a website – that will bring them back.”
  • “Create a clear visual hierarchy that helps users to understand what is most important on the page and what is less.”
  • “All conventions start life as somebody’s bright idea. If that idea works well enough, other sites imitate it and eventually, more people will be familiar.. even if we cannot understand a word of it.”
  • “Users will NOT look at the whole website – page by page – from the top to the bottom – No! The will decide which area to focus on and if they are not satisfied – they will leave.”
  • “Make it obvious what is CLICKABLE and what will happen if they click on a link. Don’t leave them to guess because if their guess is not right – this will frustrate them.” 
We face choices all the time on the web and making the choices mindless is on of the main things that make a website EASY-TO-USE. These concepts are just a little extraction and if you want to learn more about the Laws of UX, you can check out this awesome project where they are very well described – Lawsofux

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