The problem

What is the problem with most websites?

Every user has different current experience (what users already know) – usually, users are completely unaware the design is helping them to complete their goals on a website. The user is being trained, but in a way that seems natural. 

Most websites today have a lot of usability problems that rise questions like:

  • Do the users know what to do in the UI?
  • Can the users do what they want to do? 
  • Do they feel they have achieved something when action is completed?

On the internet, the competition is always ONE CLICK away, so if you frustrate the users, they will simply leave your website and go somewhere else. (Except if they don’t have another choice, which is very rare these days)

The success of the biggest companies is mainly because they have different groups of specialists focused on particular areas and carefully construct every part to evolve the company. They concentrate on the feedback received from their users and create websites for their needs, behaviour, expectations and assumptions. They understand the importance of a usable website with meaningful content and spend all their energy to improve the problems that their users have. The competition on the web is just one click away and that can have a huge impact on many small sized companies. The main point is that users do not have time to struggle with websites and if they cannot find what they are looking for, they will leave it /except if they do not have another opportunity/

The problem of small and medium-sized businesses is that they do not have as much financial capacity for investment in web design and usability as the big companies and they cannot pay for a well-developed website and a team of specialists to build it. 


However, these companies still need a website, which will present their brand identity on the web and will help them to achieve their goals. Most of the cases they pay a developer to build their website or try to create it themselves by some of the popular “drag and drop” platforms, which overwhelm the web. In both cases, they miss the most important point that is the key element for having a successful business – the importance of user experience, behaviour and expectations.

This area of web design is hugely demanding and complex and takes very long time to explore in depth. Of course, when you have a business that your family depends on it is amazingly hard to find free time for improving your design skills /except the businesses related to that area/. Small and medium-sized companies, which actually take the highest percentage in the business sector, have to compare with companies that have teams of UI designers, UX designers, researchers, developers and so on.

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