Test a website

You can test how usable and functional is your website as you gather a feedback and get immediate response from real people. In order to improve a product we need to test it and the best way to do that is to show the product to our target audiance – the people who will use it and listen to their needs.

How to test your project:

  1. Create an account and upload your website to Themoove.
  2. Ask users questions about your website or problems that you are trying to solve OR see what people don’t like on your website and create an issue point. (Pay attention to the stars that every user have)

  3. When you upload your website to Themoove platform, it will be available to everyone. If people find issues on your website, they will be able to send you request for discussion. 
  4. Gather feedback from designers, developers, creatives and people that potentially will use your product.
  5. Give a star to a user if he/she solves your problem.
  6. Improve your website and make it usable for your audiance.

We are working on the full documentation so keep calm and stay updated to remind you when we release it. Don’t worry – we will not spam you, it will be just one email on the release day.

Themoove will be launched very soon! Stay updated!
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We understand that this website could be much better and we are working on it every day BUT we need your feedback to make it much more useful and helpful. 


As we can suggest, it is too tedious for most people to write down feedback just for “the cause” and actually we have sooo many tasks to do every day. So we value your time and encourage you to point out what frustrates you on the site and take a special gift in return! Just drop us a line and we will contact you by email!