How it works

The project will help any team to understand what users think about their project (e.g. website), how do they behave while browsing a website, how do they interact with a website, what do they like and what do not, and where they struggle.



What to expect when you create an account:

-You can test how usable and functional is a website.

-You can give your feedback, ideas, solutions or to open issues to every website on the web.

-You can solve a problem that a website has and help them to improve their website.


It is all about the EXPERIENCE that people have on the web and their feedback is critically important! While observing all solutions, ideas and advice given by users, you will be able to improve your project and serve the best version of it. We believe it is extremely important to do updates very often if we want to grow as human nature and follow all trends on the web that are moving forward so quickly.