Become a Problem solver

It is a critical to be a problem-solver not only in Themoove but in life as well. An effective problem solver intuitively understands that any problem can and will be solved, given enough time, patience and meticulous careful attention. An effective problem solver has a set of indispensable beliefs and convictions that direct and propels their thoughts, actions, and daily behaviors. These beliefs are so deeply ingrained in their psyche that it would take the force and willpower of the entire world to shake these feeling of certainty.


Beliefs are opinions that we have about things, ourselves, others and the world around us that are injected with an undeniable sense of certainty. You can become a problem-solver as you follow the steps below and help to grow this community.

How to solve a problem:
  1. Explore the topics that you are interested in /arts, education, marketing, programming etc./
  2. Look at the websites that are submitted to the section and see what problems do they have or create new issues that you see.
  3. Give your solution to a problem or vote someone else’s comment. (Vote a solution if you agree with it)
  4. As you solve more problems, you earn more stars and turn into an expert.
  5. You earn votes when someone else agrees with you and stars when you solve a problem.(10 votes give you one star)
  6. Share your rank on LinkedIn and get the highest endorsement.
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