Themoove is a non-profit organization that aims to bring people together and to improve the connection between designer, developers and end-users, in order to create more functional and usable websites on the web.

Themoove started as a Major project of a group of students from Coventry University, the UK who were interested in user-centred design. After conducting deep research in human-computer interactions, usability testing and intuitive and usable design, they came up with some major problems:

“We can measure how many users open our website, where users click, at what stage do they refuse their purchase and almost everything that users do on a website but we still do not explain why users do that.”

“Why do they refuse their order at the last stage? What is the reason that stops them? Is that because their kids were around, or someone called on the phone or because they desiced to purchase it later?”

“Why do they abandon a certain website? Are they really not interested of that product or they just cannot find the information that they are looking for?”

“How to fill the gap between companies, users, designers, developers and make them understand to importance usable design?”

Every user has different current experience (what users already know) – usually, users are completely unaware the design is helping them to complete their goals on a website. The user is being trained, but in a way that seems natural. 

If a website has navigation system so clever, so stylish, that visitors have no idea what the site does or how to do it – users will not be able to achieve their goal. They will just leave this website bacause:

  • They don’t know enough about how it works.
  • They don’t have enough experience.
  • They don’t have time to figure things out.
  • They don’t enjoy puzzeling until they find a solution that works for them.
  • The manuals are written in a dense, uninviting language that they find boring and difficult to comprehend.

, which means it is not very useful or functional. 


If something is hard to use, we just don’t use it. When we use the Internet to find the informaton they need, every question mark adds to our cognitive workload, distracting out attention from the task at hand. We should avoid the questions that vistors could ask themselves like:

  • Where Am I?
  • Where should I begin?
  • Where did they put…?
  • What should I look first on this page?
  • Why did they call it that way?

The moove – Making web design work for everyone: Aligning, assumptions, expectations and understanding between companies, designers and users. ” See full project (it opens a new tab into your browser):

Website developer and Founder of Themoove:


Dzhuliana Nikolova

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